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If music is your passion then you probably know how disheartening it is not to have the privilege of having to carry your piano just about everywhere you go. How amazing it would be, for you to have your piano with almost everywhere you go. This would be convenient for many who are cannot be separated from their pianos.

Maybe you would love to have an acoustic or a digital piano that is large, in your home but you do not have sufficient space to fit it in. There is no need to despair as the 21st century can better be described as a convenient world and it is this advancement that has transformed and simplified people’s lives through the major advancements in respective industries that provide services.

The music industry one of the major industries and it can easily adapt to any technological advances and in context with your piano, it may not fit and may not be carried with everywhere but one thing you must know that this is a thing of the past.

Electronic pianos reviews are here! We know you must be skeptical about its sound well it still gives you the same sound. Portability only means one thing for you and that is you can take your piano to just about everywhere you go.

So, before you head to the store and pick out a digital piano, it is important to be informed before coming to any decision. Hence, we have gathered sufficient information that will assist you in making your ultimate decision.

Choosing a portable piano keyboard

It is important to note that you should not confuse a digital piano to an electronic keyboard and at times one can be mistaken for the other and it may be hard to differentiate one from the other if you lack sufficient information.

It is important to note that a digital piano is different from an electronic keyboard and what differentiates them is their features. The first thing that anyone customer takes into consideration upon making their ultimate decision of purchase would definitely be based on how light it may be and most importantly it’s compact.

Its portability will enable you to conveniently carry it with to wherever you might be going too and if you do not have sufficient room space for a large piano. One thing the electronic keyboards definitely primarily serve its purpose of producing music.



It all goes down to preference at the end of the day. Taking into consideration the variety of musical genres, two musicians that focus on different genres of music would be expectant of different results from the use of their keyboard.

What most customers have in common in terms of the features they are on the lookout for is definitely portability, all these other features preferences are dependent on the music one aims to produce.

Musical Objective

The reality is, using a keyboard maybe be better perceived as downgrade unless you are a beginner precisely if you used an acoustic piano or digital piano. Your decision of purchasing a keyboard is highly dependent on your preference and the genre of music that you focus on. Although the keyboard is portable and also compact it comes highly recommended for beginners. If you cannot necessarily be classified as a beginner then the keyboard is not your ideal instrument at all.


From a minimum of 22 to a staggering maximum of 88 keys, that’s a keyboard for you in a flash. If your main aim is portability you sure must take note that if there are more keys to it than it would definitely be wider which only means one thing, which is it will only be heavier.

The number of keys and portability should be one thing that you must be willing to trade off and make some compromise so that you get what you need. We know this may be difficult as fewer keys would only cast limitations on you as a musician.

It is recommended for a musician to make a compromise and settle for 48 keys and still enjoy the portability it comes with. Although this would compromise many features that you wouldn’t have the privilege of exploring and use them to refine your skills.

So, if you still having a problem with making your ultimate purchase then you should consider a keyboard that would give of an acoustic piano feel but it should have weighted keys. This will serve as a good practice on an acoustic piano but in a smaller version of it but still the same feel. Weighted keys are probably the only option if you want portability and if you are not willing to compromise then the only option on the table is a heavier keyboard.


Although the best option may be a 49 key we know that it sounds far less than an acoustic piano and not only will this be a problem to you but to whoever would have the privilege of listening to your pay.

So, in order to eliminate demotivating due to the sound quality of the keyboard, it is important for you to consider polyphony as it may be very difficult to find a perfect keyboard on the market is know that it may be too little or none at all.

The sound is a fundamental aspect of any instrumental and bad quality isn’t good news at all so it is important to consider it as an important factor.


The ultimate reason for purchasing any portable keyboard is for you to be able to carry it with wherever you might go to. So, it is important to note that not all keyboard may use battery so it is important to make an informed choice of a keyboard.