The Beginner’s Guide on How to Master the Guitar within 30 days

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Playing an instrument is bliss, no matter what age you are or what gender you are, playing in instrument just makes you feel relaxed and refreshing. There’s no doubt that “Guitars Are Better.”

While countless people try to master the guitar, or sometimes they just got inspired by movies or Rockstar’s and bought the guitar, but problems occurred when they failed to learn the Guitar. Learning Guitar is an Art and people with dedication and hard work can achieve this. That’s why it is regrettably prevalent for beginners just to give up within few weeks.

Once you set up your mind about learning Guitar, it will take you ahead in the process but what most people do is they quit after few sessions. Why? Taking guitar lessons from a professional instructor can be expensive, and people become frustrated when they didn’t find any progress in learning. One thing which people needs to understand is that Learning Guitar is a slow and steady case. All of the learning factors are relying on your practice. The more you practice, the more you learn.

That’s where steps in, giving one of the smoothest and swiftest methods to learn to perform the guitar within a month or less. Simplistic, practical, and affordable, this guitar learning method has determined great achievement amongst beginner guitar professionals of every age.

Once you understand the basics of Guitar, which will teach in the trial classes and after that it’ll be a piece of cake for you to play your favorite songs on guitar.

Basic Guitar Myths and Wrong Ideas

There are several myths about learning a guitar which people usually hear, and once they placed that myth or misconceptions in their brain, they just stopped to pick their favorite musical instruments.

Here’s the list of most common myth and wrong ideas of leaning a guitar:

  • I can’t play the guitar; I’m too old for that.
  • My fingers hurt.
  • It requires practice and time, and I don’t have any.
  • It sounds terrible.
  • I don’t understand the basics.

But the truth is, nothing is impossible and you know it. Once you change your perspective from suitability to stackability, it’ll become much easier for you to focus on how to learn the best guitar.

The Truth about Learning the Guitar with HeroMusicUSA

Age doesn’t define the talent – Working on a busy job we may forget about the things which make us happy. Playing Guitar is like refreshment, it keeps your thoughts in control and playing an instrument makes you smart. As we become busy with the work and we grow older. We thought that learning guitar isn’t a part of our life anymore, but the truth is you can learn the guitar and be the master of it at any age.

Matt Nathanson started at the age of 35 and become one of the finest musicians and his release of “Come on getting Higher” made him a star. He plays acoustic and electric guitar and all of the things he achieved because he believes in himself. Age is just a number and learning doesn’t demand it.

Starts Making time for Guitar- Taking lessons from HeroMusicUSA is another thing, you’ll learn the most significant experience of your life in sessions, but ultimately it depends on you how you utilize the given knowledge. Playing the guitar like a pro requires attention and practice. You can practice guitar in time fraction, separate the activities such as you can do the finger practice in the morning and the evening you can practice chords and strumming.

ANY PERSON, OF All ABILITY, CAN PLAY – Created for each kind of learner, HeroMusicUSA involves changes that acknowledge people of all ability to triumphantly learn the best guitar. Ideal for performance in the music medicine, home, or school setting, HeroMusic can assist people to learn to play the guitar.

Buy the best Guitar for Beginners:

There are various varieties of the guitar are available in the market, and it entirely depends on you what type of guitar you want to play or learn. Usually, people start with Acoustic Guitar because it helps to learn the basic and beginner lessons easily. It is much easier to play acoustic guitar compare the electric guitar.

Type of Guitar:

  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Semi-Electric Guitars
  • Electric Guitars
  • Twelve-string Guitars
  • Archtop Guitars
  • Bass Guitars
  • Double-neck Guitars

Once you figured from which version you want to start learning, then the other key factors come which help you to pick the best guitar ever. The key factors are as follows:


It is understandable that you never bought the guitar before and now you’re wondering where you can buy it. Purchasing guitar from the market, pawn shop, flea market or yard sale purchase wouldn’t be the best option for you. It is essential to buy the guitar with the person who already has some knowledge about the instrument because it’ll help you to get the best guitar. In case, if you’re wondering to buy the guitar from e-commerce, we suggest you read the return policy and term & conditions carefully.


Well, there’s the underlying price assumptions about the best guitar which lies between $300 and $500, and there are several kinds of deals available, and you can even get the guitar in the range of $200. Prominent players of Guitar such as Gibson and Yamaha can be a part of the price list.


As it is said before, know your preference first, get a trial at a music shop and find out about your guitar preferences. Do you like to play acoustic or electric? Once you cleared this in your mind, and then continue the process.

Chords and Strumming are the keys

The key to success in learning guitar is Chords. In the beginning, it will feel exhausted and frustrating because you may fail to play the chords correctly. Your finger may hurt but always remember; pain is temporary, learning lasts forever.

While playing the chords, try strumming, play anything, with the original songs or individually but practice because it is the only thing which makes you the master of guitar.

We all heard the phrase, Practice makes perfect, and that’s so true but also remember, “If, at First, You Don’t succeed, Try and Try Again.”